About Us

From nature springs curiosity, curiosity causes exploration,
and from exploration comes knowledge. Knowledge is the seed for ,
creation and creation is the aspiration of all human endeavours. ,
Knowledge never dies and nor can it be deformed.
It is immortal and its quest is the true path for salvation.

  • Welcome to H.D. Senior Secondary School, a beacon of academic excellence nestled amidst the rustic charm of rural landscapes since its establishment in 1991. With a legacy spanning over three decades, our institution has been a nurturing ground for young minds from nursery to XII, transcending boundaries and shaping futures. At H.D. Senior Secondary School, we embrace coeducation as a cornerstone of holistic development, fostering an inclusive environment where every child is empowered to thrive. Our illustrious alumni stand as testimony to our commitment, with graduates excelling not only as luminaries in the administrative realm as IAS and IPS officers but also as eminent international sportspersons, esteemed doctors, and trailblazing engineers.

    Beyond academic prowess, we take immense pride in our dedication to nurturing character, instilling values of integrity, empathy, and resilience in each student. As a CBSE-affiliated institution, we adhere to rigorous academic standards while fostering an ethos of creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Join us at H.D. Senior Secondary School, where the journey of education transcends boundaries, igniting minds, and shaping destinies. Together, let us embark on a voyage of discovery, enlightenment, and transformation.