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Smart Classes

A new age in the technology movement was ushered in the school when smart classes were launched in the session 2009 & became fully operational in 2010. This provides tools & contents for interactive self-placed learning by the students. Smart class is transforming the teaching-learning process by-

  • 1) Making learning an enjoyable experience for students.

  • 2)Bringing abstract & difficult concepts of life inside classroom.

  • 3)Improving teacher’s effectiveness, productivity in the class.

  • 4)Enabling the teacher to instantly assess & evaluate the learning outcome.

The science teacher for instance while explaining how a D.N.A. replicates on a large screen, she can explain the fine points of the process and zoom in to show the relevant visuals, freeze & annotate when & where she wants to emphasize. This helps in making students visualize a process in all its intricate details and internalize it well. The digital contents of the smart classes have been mapped according to the school syllabus. All teachers are required to undergo training sessions under expert guidance from the company. In addition the Knowledge Centre has been purposely earmarked to anyone requiring technical assistance even during the class.

Educomp Smart Classes

Educomp Smart Classes