School Rules

  1. 1) Converse in English with your friends, teachers, and visitors.
  2. 2) Talk very softly and politely with every one.
  3. 3) Greet and treat every visitor to the school with utmost politeness and help them as best as you can.
  4. 4) Wish your friends and elders when you meet them.
  5. 5) Walk briskly and purposefully and are always in a queue when moving with others.
  6. 6) Conduct yourself in and out of school with dignity and grace befitting a student of this institution.
  7. 7) Don’t leave school premises without permission under any circumstances.
  8. 8) Shouting , whistling and teasing fellow students are strictly prohibited.
  9. 9) Distribution of any pamphlet or notice inside or nearby school campus without written permission of principal is forbidden.
  10. 10) Attendance on all days of observance of function and festival in school is compulsory.
  11. 11) Always come in full school uniform.
  12. 12) Take care of school property.
  13. 13) Bring student diary daily.
  14. 14) Reach school at time.
  15. 15) Stationery should be purchased during break only.