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Art & Craft

Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the sense or emotions. It is the result of inquisitive and affectionate nature of human being to its surrounding. It enhances the beauty of an object, communicates the thoughts better, presents an idea with clarity, makes life comfortable & provide space for your emotion. For children it is a mode of communication & enjoyment both. They reveal their innermost thoughts, repressed desires, worldview, and subjective perceptions of reality, experiences or ideas through their creations. They invariably derive immense pleasure while going through the process of making an art object.
We at H.D. Senior Secondary School aim to be a canvas of such opportunities so that children at all levels can explore their hidden creative talent Art & craft (A & C) is taught as a regular subject till class VIII in the school & a hall has been assigned to this faculty.
Rangoli, Ceramics, Painting, Drawing & sketching, Mehandi Indian Traditional Crafts, Rakhi Making, Paper Collage, Clay Moulding, Pot Decoration, Gift Packing, Calligraphy , Knife Painting, Poster Making, Kite-Making, Button Collages, Glass Painting are some of the activities undertaken & practices in their art classes. Students are encouraged to refine their tools and techniques.