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Principal Message

  • “With the passage of time education has taken so many leaps to give shape to the society, in the ancient time: value education was the mainstay of education. We as institution are providing the amalgamation of certain value with which children could become responsible citizen. Mahatma Gandhi said that Formation of character should have priority over knowledge of the alphabet.
  • Therefore Roosevelt said; “To educate a mind without moral are to create a menace to society”.
  • Over the age all great philosophers from around the world, have agreed with that moral education and education with innovative means must be an integral part f education. We have understood the feeling of students and make them expensive even in their personality.

  • The mission of our school is to create and ensure counseling session becomes an integral part of a school curriculum and we generate compassion among our students. Teacher’s skill and awareness are addressed through regular workshop and change are made to existing systems and processes on order to create a more responsible , accountable and transparent and collaboration school culture. Input from student, teachers, management and parents are integral to its successful execution. Feedback from all continuous process and changes are made along the way to suit the individual needs and the constraints of the school.

Mr. Satbir Singh