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In the dissemination of knowledge & with the aim of promoting the reading habits in the students, the library of RKP is a heaven for those eager ones who venture beyond their textbooks & explore a topic in its totality. The library is centrally located in the school in 40 X 22 = 880 sq feet to facilitate easy access. The ambience of the library with its intellectual vibrations reflects the erudition of the RKPians - both teachers and students alike. With over 5000 books, 31 periodicals, ten dailies, 30 magazines, pamphletes and CD's the library provides RKPians an access to the vast & rich repository of printed material. The collection is especially rich in reference books of English language & teaching including dictionaries, books on personality development, general studies & competitions. A wide range of reference books help students glean information & vital statistics for their inter-disciplinary project. The library is well maintained & fully catalogued. The school management is receptive & responsive to the ever growing needs of the bibliophile & keep updating & upgrading the collection with the latest arrivals of relevant printed material, for this a large annual budget is earmarked.