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The School Has all facilities for the students to explore their potential.

Tell me & I'll forget; show me &
I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."


The laboratories are equipped with modern and the latest equipments. Teachers & students enjoy the freedom to observe, experiment, create and analyse. Students discuss and exchange different approaches. For conducting practical classes, experimental mode of learning is practised.

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Biology Lab

Smart Classes

A new age in the technology movement was ushered in the school when smart classes were launched in the session 2009 & became fully operational in 2010. This provides tools & contents for interactive self-placed learning by the students. Smart class is transforming the teaching-learning process by-

  • 1) Making learning an enjoyable experience for students.

  • 2)Bringing abstract & difficult concepts of life inside classroom.

  • 3)Improving teacher’s effectiveness, productivity in the class.

  • 4)Enabling the teacher to instantly assess & evaluate the learning outcome.

The science teacher for instance while explaining how a D.N.A. replicates on a large screen, she can explain the fine points of the process and zoom in to show the relevant visuals, freeze & annotate when & where she wants to emphasize. This helps in making students visualize a process in all its intricate details and internalize it well. The digital content of the smart classes have been mapped the school syllabus. All teachers are required to undergo training sessions under expert guidance from the company. In addition the knowledge Centre purposely earmarked to anyone requiring technical assistance even during the class.

Educomp Smart Classes


In the dissemination of knowledge & with the aim of promoting the reading habits in the students, the library of RKP is a heaven for those eager to venture beyond their textbooks & explore a topic in its totality. The library is centrally located in the school in 40 X 22 = 880 sq feet to facilitate easy access. The ambience of the library with its intellectual vibrations reflects the erudition of the RKPians - both teachers and students alike. With over 5000 books, 31 periodicals, ten dailies, 30 magazines, Pamphletes and CDs the library provides RKPians an access to the vast & rich repository of printed material. The collection is especially rich in reference books of English language & teaching including dictionaries, books on personality development, general studies & competitions. A wide range of reference books help students glean information & vital statistics for their inter-disciplinary project. The library is well maintained & fully catalogued. The school management is receptive & responsive to the ever growing needs of the bibliophile & keep updating & upgrading the collection with the latest arrivals of relevant printed material, for this a large annual budget is earmarked.



The school has a lush green area of 8275.59 sq mtrs. for games. The play ground is huge & used for all the games . It has designed grounds basket ball , badminton & table tennis courts.


Art & Craft

Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the sense or emotions. It is the result of inquisitive and affectionate nature of human being to its surrounding. It enhances the beauty of an object, communicates the thoughts better, presents an idea with clarity, makes life comfortable & provide space for your emotion. For children it is a mode of communication & enjoyment both. They reveal their innermost thoughts, repressed desires, worldview, and subjective perceptions of reality, experiences or ideas through their creations. They invariably derive immense pleasure while going through the process of making an art object.
We at RKP aim to be a canvas of such opportunities so that children at all levels can explore their hidden creative talent Art & craft (A & C) is taught as a regular subject till class VIII in the school & a hall has been assigned to this faculty.
Rangoli, Ceramics, Painting, Drawing & sketching, Mehandi Indian Traditional Crafts, Rakhi Making, Paper Collage, Clay Moulding, Pot Decoration, Gift Packing, Calligraphy , Knife Painting, Poster Making, Kite-Making, Button Collages, Glass Painting are some of the activities undertaken & practices in their art classes. Students are encouraged to refine their tools and techniques.

Art & Craft

Smart information System

Parents teacher Child Circle (PTC-CIRCLE) is an initiative by us to reduce the gap between the child and the parent by using the school as a bridge between them. We intend to create a synergistic relation between the school and parent for the benefit of child.

PTC-CIRCLE is a web based portal which helps in maintaining the school's operation like admission details, students records, attendance reports and test and examination report thus saving time, money, paper work and getting the best results out of the information technology.

PTC- Parents Teacher Child Circle


RKP has film belief in the age old maxim- Sound mind lives in a sound body and to help its students develop a good physique it has a separate gym for its teaching staff as well as students, which can be utilised during spare time. The Gym at RKP contains latest machines and equipments that helps the RKP members to kick start their day with energy and vigour. The energy generated here helps to keep them active throughout the day.



The school has a tuck-shop well-maintained, clean and hygienic, spacious with adequate seating arrangement for the staff, it serves hygienic nutritious food to the students. It is also the favourite haunt of the teachers who are seen relaxing, rejuvenating and discussing regional, national & international socioeconomic issues over a cup of hot coffee. Students also can also avail the canteen facility during the lunch hours.



We believe in safety. To ensure the same students are to use only school transport facility being made available to them. They are not allowed to use other public transport. We have experienced drivers who are equipped with mobile phones to cope up with any emergency and to be in touch with school authorities.

The school provides transport facilities for students and staff from Rohtak, Madina and neighbouring villages (Meham, Lakhan Majra, Kalanaur, Kharanti, Nindana, Bainsi, Chiri, Sunariya, Mokhra, Gorawar, Kharkhra, Ajaib, Bharan, B.A.Pur, M.P.Tekna, B.J.Pur, Gaddi Kheri, Dobh, Bhali) through a well maintained fleet of 13 buses owned by the school.


Learning Methodology

  • Learning Methodology
    • We impart education by integrating world-class and proven teaching methods with modern infrastructure and technology. Our curriculum emphasizes activity-based learning for which we create a suitable environment and focus on learning needs of each child rather than a predetermined set pattern.
      We add further value by inculcating a strong sense of discipline and hard work in our kids; thus nurturing them to be future ready to face global challenges. The school lays strong emphasis on constructivist approach where the child is encouraged to be the architect of her/his own knowledge and the mentors -act as facilitators rather than instructors.

  • Learner centric
    • We give students ample opportunity to explore their interests and cultivate unique strengths. We believe all children should have access to an exceptional, personalized education that enables them to live a happy and successful life.

  • Learning modalities
    • A combination of projects, real life exposure, audio-visual presentations, classroom teaching, experiential learning, community visits and brainstorming activities are used to make learning fun, exciting and interesting.

  • Real world application
    • We believe students learn most effectively when they can understand the concepts and more importantly their implementation in the real world. Our goal is to enable students to make meaningful connections and foster curiosity about the world we live in.

  • Interdisciplinary learning
    • We encourage interdisciplinary learning and avoid artificial separation between subjects. Encouraging students to learn by doing, we promote a deeper level of understanding. Teaching may originate in the classroom, but the learning, understanding and application will continue at home, in the community and throughout the life journey.

  • Preparation for life
    • Following the age-old wisdom that looks at education as preparation for life, students are groomed to become better human beings and not just pass examinations. At RKP efforts are taken to instill high moral values along with necessary life skills in young minds.

  • Competition with self
    • A child at RKP is always competing but not with others, rather this competition is with oneself. We always emphasize learning right than learning fast. We do not let a child succumb to competition & rat race pressures, but we understand & respect that every child has his own optimal pace to learn. This results in a stress free environment where a child gets full freedom to grow individually.

  • Research and innovation
    • Understanding how crucial right kind of education is, we have a team, which is solely dedicated towards formulating a well organized, quality academic curriculum and breaking them into simplified modules for better phased learning. We use educational global best practices to enhance our curriculum and build innovative learning tools to continuously improve experience for students, parents and teachers.